Moving with Pets

Just like their human counterparts, pets get stressed out by moving. Unfortunately, they have messy ways of expressing it. So on the day of your move, you might want to keep your pets away from all the stress by putting them in a kennel, or having them stay with family or friends. If you can’t take advantage of those options, keep them in a separate room so they don’t get in the way of the movers. One of the bigger challenges of the move will be traveling to get them to your new place. Here are some tips on making that trip easier:

Travel Along a Pet Friendly Route

Look for a route that has plenty of rest stops and pet-friendly hotels. They will provide a nice way to relax for both you and your pet.

Buy A Travel Crate for your Pet

It can help with anxiety levels during the drive as well as in your new home. And it’s indispensable if you have a dog and cat traveling together to keep them separated.

Immunizations Up to Date

At times condo associations, community boards or neighborhood organizations ask new residents to provide an immunization record. Additionally, it may take a few days to determine the best place to shop for your pet medications, so having an extra supply makes good sense.

Bring the Essentials

Just as you need to bring essentials with you when you travel, so does your pet. So, pack a travel bag with food, water, brushes, treats, plastic bags, a scoop and even a bed for the hotel room floor.